A London Wedding

August is the most popular month to get married, and understandably so in England where the weather is most changeable, one hopes to be able rely on some sunshine! My dear friend Camilla got married in Chelsea and Dorset (yes two ceremonies!) and I had the pleasure of doing her makeup for both. I used virtually only natural makeup products to give her a flawless, natural, radiant finish!


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Organic Makeup Brands

I often get asked about what brands of organic, natural, eco-friendly makeup there are available. Of course nowadays there are many but here is a short list of some brands that I have used and recommend!

Benecos, RMS, Dr Hauschka, Neal’s Yard, Lavera, Inika, Pacifica, Nuxe Bio, Bellá Pierre, Burt’s Bees, Jane Iredale, Ilia, Nvey Eco, Well People, Organic Pharmacy…and the list does go on as there are new brands appearing, but all of the above are available readily in Europe either in stores or online.


Do try them out as you won’t be disappointed and you’ll feel better knowing that you are not putting so many nasty chemicals on the biggest organ of your body – your skin!!

Eco-Tales No.1

Firstly Eco-Tales is a series of tales about people who have chosen to intergrate their lives more closely with nature, to embrace a more holistic lifestyle, to live more sustainably, consciously, and ethically whilst having a greater respect for their environment and to their fellow beings, whether of the two or four-legged kind. These short tales in interview style will tell people’s stories of why they chose a greener path, how they got to where they are now and what it means for them. They will share some tips, some insights, their experiences and knowledge. We can always learn and get inspiration from the stories of others. Enjoy!

No. 1 Pre & Post Natal Yoga with Eliza Coolsma

The first tale is ‘Pre and Post-Natal Yoga’ by Eliza Coolsma, a Dutch yoga teacher based in Madrid. Her website is www.elizacoolsma.com

Thanks to the delightful cafe Magasand in Madrid for our juices and teas🙂

Magasand Madrid
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Organic Sun Protection

Yes! The sun is shining, well here in Madrid anyway and it’s getting hotter! So it’s the time you should be thinking about what suncreams to buy (note: suncreams usually only last 12 months maximum so throw out any oldies!). Although of course the best way to not burn your skin is to stay out of the direct sun! Wear light clothes, a hat and sunglasses and learn to embrace the coolness of the shade!

Girl on Beach

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Perfect Tea!

This post is taken from a favourite Japanese blog of mine called Wawaza – a treasure trove of fascinating health & beauty tips from the Japanese culture!

How To Best Brew Herbal Teas

Japanese Traditional Senjiru Method

Senjiru (煎じる, to infuse, to decoct) is a Japanese technique you can use at home for brewing herbal teas. It is a time-tested method which yields maximum goodness locked deep in leaves and delivers the optimum aroma, flavor and color.

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